3 bedroom 2 Bath, 1800 sq. ft., right on golf course
3 bedroom 2 Bath, 1800 sq. ft., right on golf course

Waikoloa Homes

Most of the homes in Waikoloa Village are fairly new, most were built during the early 2,000 to 2010 decade and because of the dry sunny weather, upkeep has been minimal, especially for those that use Hawaii as a second home to retreat to during the hard cold winters.

This particular home was built with our sister company, Emerald Builders LLC, located in Waikoloa www.emerald-builders.com

Call Scott Carter, our General Contractor for more information on building your dream home in Hawaii....808-960-1955

Our Story

Scott and Matty met over 30 years ago in the Real Estate Industry. We are both Real Estate Brokers, and jointly own our own Construction Firm called Emerald Builders LLC since 2005.

Scott is extremely organized and has worked for large developers of resort properties and Planned Unit Developments on the Big Island of Hawaii. Personally responsible for over 500 homes on the West end of the island, premier properties such as Kamilo at Mauna Lani, Malulani Gardens, Kahakai Estates and many more.

Matty has been in the real estate industry since the early 1970's as a Financial Loan Officer, Escrow Officer, Real Estate Development working with Developers in Hawaii, Commercial Leasing for shopping centers, commercial buildings and warehousing, Commercial and Residential Property Management, and of course Real Estate Sales of homes and land parcels.

Meet the Team

We are a tight and conscientious group of people that love doing what we do which is, selling real estate, building homes, remodeling homes, property management and working with people to make their dreams come true in Hawaii. Experienced in all facets, we can assist you with your home needs in Hawaii, especially on the beautiful west side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Matty Keith

Real Estate Broker

Born and raised in Hawaii, Gramma of two beautiful grandchildren, experienced in all facets of real estate.

Scott Carter

General Contractor

He loves classic cars, father of a beautiful 8 year old daughter, and has lived in Hawaii for almost 30 years.

Don Keith


Husband to Matty Keith, experienced commercial and residential painter, and lived in Hawaii since 1992.

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